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      "Manufacturing and supplying
      foam products for over 65 Years"

      Founded in 1949 on £100 capital, Vitafoam started its original operation manufacturing latex foam products in Oldham, Greater Manchester.

      After establishing the business, the company made a major move to its current site in Middleton, Manchester in 1955, acquiring two empty former cotton mills to cope with increased demand.

      By 1963, Vitafoam had added the manufacture of polyurethane foam to its business and was providing product speciality for upholstery and bedding markets.

      Vitafoam continued to expand its operations both at home and overseas during the 1960's and in 1967 the company became known as British Vita Co. Limited and was listed as a public company on the London Stock Exchange with the Middleton site as its head office.

      Vitafoam UK retained its own trading name under the new public company banner, and all other businesses within the group became individual trading entities and profit centres reporting into the group (very much like today).

      During the late 1980's there became increased concern about the use of polyurethane foam in items such as upholstery and beds in the home, and Vitafoam became the first UK based company to provide commercially available quantities of their new innovation "Combustion Modified Foam (CM)", which provided far safer, more flame retardant materials than had previously been available to the market. These flammability standards remain in place in the UK to the present day.

      In the early 1990's this CM range of foams was extended by the first "brand" available in this sector. It was named "Reflex" and offered a much enhanced level of comfort and durability over all other offerings and again is still a key part of current production over a quarter of a century later.

      As Vitafoam entered the new millennium the company had made great strides in supplying external "foam converters". These rely on Vitafoam to be their business partner and provide their foam needs. This trend continues to grow from strength to strength and is supplemented by our own group conversion companies.

      Providing cushioning foam products to industry remains our focus as we enter our 65th year of existence, and our will to ensure this continues remains as strong as it ever has.

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