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      A polyurethane is a polymer consisting of organic units that are joined by urethane 'links'. A polyurethane foam has the same chemistry but is expanded during the manufacturing process to form a cellular polyurethane.

      The density of any material is its mass divided by its volume. In the case of polyurethane foam, a foam of relatively high density will have more polyurethane material per m3 and therefore is likely to offer better support and resistance to losses in properties such as hardness, resilience and height over periods of time.

      In terms of polyurethane foam testing, it is the amount of force required to compress a standards test sample by 40% and is expressed in Newtons (N). With a relationship between density and hardness, it is this property that is most likely 'felt' by the consumer when sitting on a cushion or lying on a mattress.

      The first two letters denote a particular foam type. In this instance it is a visco elastic product. The first two digits refer to the foam’s nett density with the following three numbers expressing the foam’s hardness in N (Newtons).

      It is a legal requirement that the polyurethane foam produced by Vitafoam for use in domestic furniture must comply with Schedule 1, Part 1 of the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire)(Safety) Regulations 1988 (and 1989, 1993). Vitafoam takes its responsibility in relation to this regulation very seriously. In order to achieve compliance, no block of combustion modified foam is released for sale until an in–house test confirms compliance to the regulations. Furthermore, to fulfil due diligence obligations in this matter Vitafoam also subjects every grade of domestic furniture foam to test by independent UKAS accredited laboratories at a frequency of once every 6 months.

      Vitafoam’s Vasco range are foams that have low resilience and therefore recover slowly following removal of applied pressure. These types of foams have become hugely popular in the domestic bedding market and offer superior comfort through a much more even distribution of pressure than conventional foam equivalents.

      The issue of breathability and temperature while sleeping are well known for many memory foam products. Vitafoam’s Vasco range is different from many foams in the market by offering significantly superior airflow and breathability characteristics. If you would like to know more, please contact your local sales manager.

      Reflex is Vitafoam’s established premium range of 'solid filler free' CM Ether foams covering densities between 18kg/m3 and 65kg /m3. The industry leading filler free foam range is by far the widest available and offers superior durability, recovery and service life over competitor 'equivalents'.