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      "Our reconstituted foam blocks
      are constructed from 100%
      recycled foam and are
      100% recyclable"

      Vitafoam CPT manufactures square and round reconstituted foam block constructed through a process of bonding granulated post industrial foam waste. Our block densities range from 64 Kg/m3 to 225 Kg/m3.

      The wide product range ensures that all market areas are covered including furniture, bedding, automotive, insulation packaging, acoustic and sport, with applications as diverse as underlay, vibration dampening and sound deadening.

      The production process can be described as follows:

      The process

      • Trim collection
      • Shredding
      • Coating with binder
      • Insertion into mould
      • Compression to density
      • Activation of binder
      • Curing of binder
      • Production of rebonded block

      The typical properties for such rebonded foams would be as follows:

      • Density (kg/m3) 64 - 225
      • Tensile Strength (KPa) 40 - 150
      • Elongation at Break % 50 - 120
      • ILD Hardness (25%)(N) 150 - 1500

      Typical applications would include:

      • Underlay
      • Sound deadening
      • Vibration damping
      • Reinforcement
      • Contract furnishings
      • Mattresses

        Block Plant Sales
        Email: info@vcfuk.com
        Tel: 0161 655 2705